History of Craps:

Read More about The History of Craps and Where to Play it.There are a number of stories about where or how Craps originated. One of the reasons was that it apparently developed from a game in the Middle Ages known as Hazard. Hazard was introduced to the United States by English Settlers and became sought after in the early 1800's in New Orleans where the French started calling it Craps. Find Out More about Craps Here

Multi Player Blackjack:

Come Play Duel DominoesEach player will be dealt with a single card at the beginning of the match. A player that gets dealt with the lowest card is placed on "First Base" and will have to act first during each stage of the round. Play order of each round alternates. Displayed on the table is a white button labeled "1" which is next to the relevant player to indicate who's on First Base. Once its your turn to make a bet all you do is choose your stake by moving the betting slider left or right and at the bottom you will see your bet. Or you can simply type in an amount you wish into the box. If you are satisfied with this amount click the"Bet" button. If you feel like playing your last bet in the previous round, just click "Last Bet".....100% Sign up bonus!!

Gin Rummy:

Come Play Gin RummyTo begin Gin Rummy, 10 cards will be dealt to every player. 1 card is placed face-up for every one to see, this is the open pile stack. The rest of the cards are then placed face down which is called the stock pile. Most of Gin Rummy consists of you taking a card from either the open pile or the stock pile and adding it to your hand, then you throw away a card that you don't need to the open pile. In the beginning of a game the first player may only take a card from the open pile. If its a card that you don't need, you can pass it on to your opponent by clicking the 'Pass' button. If your opponent doesn't want it either, he or she can Pass it back to you, then you can take a card from the stock pile instead. The object of playing Gin Rummy is for you to arrange your 10 cards into sets as fast as you can, to end your hand before your opponent does......100% Sign up bonus!!

In The Grid:

Come Play Gin Rummy2 players battle it out neck an neck in taking turns from choosing squares from a 4x4 grid that contain sixteen squares. Each player starts off with £1000 in virtual money!!...Take into consideration that hidden contents of each square will affect your cash in one of five different ways: Gold Cash squares give you more money, Green Bonus squares increase your total by a certain percentage, Purple Steal squares allow you to steal a certain percentage of their opponent's cash, Red Penalty squares decrease a contestant's balance by a percentage, the worst square of them all are the Black Bankrupt squares, they instantly take all of a contestant's cash away. Each player has one weapon on their side which reveals the color but not the value of squares so that they will know whether it's a good color or bad color. Players have the option of revealing that square right away or to save it for later.



Last Updated 2 June 2016
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