Solo MahjongThe standard game of Mahjong consists of 144 playing tiles. The aim of the game is to remove all of them from the board in the quickest time while obtaining the highest score. Each tile has a picture on it and there are 42 different pictures in all. Players need to select a tile and match it with another tile of the same picture. Once you have a perfect match of 2 they will fall away. The game will end once all the tiles have disappeared off the board.

Rules for selecting tiles:

  • A tile must be ’free’ in order for it to be selected.

  • The tile must not be covered at all by any of the other tiles.

  • Tiles should not be touching the sides of the selected tile you want to match up with. This does not apply to the top or bottom of a tile.

Solo Mahjong ProLayouts:

The arrangement of tiles is known as a ’layout’, and Ultimate Mahjong gives you different layouts. The may be either stacked on top of each other in layers, or next to each other. You could even create your own layout using the layout editor.


  • Each tile has a base value, and every time one is removed your score will increase by that tile’s value and multiplied by half the number of pieces in play. Which means that in order for you to get a high score you must think carefully about the moves you make.

  • If all 144 tiles are cleared you will receive a bonus on top of your score.

  • The clock is against you, and the longer you take to finish the game the more points you will lose. So play quickly but carefully.

Solo Mahjong:

You need not have prior knowledge on how to play Mahjong, but you will learn some of the basics of this wonderful and fun game as you play. At the start of the game you will be dealt a hand and you will have three chances in which to complete a winning hand by selecting a certain tile from a collection of 24 face down tiles.

Solo Mahjong Pro:

Solo Mahjong Pro give you a bit more of an understanding of the basics and will test your skills. Solo Mahjong is very similar to Video Poker. You will be asked to remove one tile to make a ready hand before trying to complete the winning hand from the 24 face down tiles.

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Last Updated 25 June 2017