History of Craps

The History Of CrapsThere are a number of stories about where or how Craps originated. One of the reasons was that it apparently developed from a game in the Middle Ages known as Hazard. Hazard was introduced to the United States by English Settlers and became sought after in the early 1800's in New Orleans where the French started calling it Craps.

Another one of the stories about where Craps originated is that the Arabs started playing it before the middle ages using cubes with numbers on them. The cubes where known as "Azzahr" which means the die. Later Craps was found in the Mediterranean in France where it was known as "Hazard" and then in England where the spelling changed to "Hazard".

"Crabs" meant you rolled the lowest number. The French then spelt it "Crabes" and it moved across the Atlantic to get to Acadia which was a French Colony. The English took over Acadia in 1755 where the French then learnt to speak French Louisiana and the game became known as "Creps". The word then changed to Craps in 1834 and in 1865 a dice maker named John H Winn created a updated version of Craps where the players were able to bet against one another.

The Game

The player is dealt 2 cards and if they are not a pair (2 and 2) or consecutive cards (2 and 3) you then need to predict whether the 3rd cards value will be between the value of your current cards. If your prediction is correct then you are paid out accordingly.

Card Values

The card values are shown below:

  • 2-10 are worth the number on the card.
  • Jacks are worth 11
  • Queens are worth 12
  • Kings are worth 13
  • Aces are worth 14

The aim is to predict correctly the result of the game based on the values of the first two dealt cards.

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