Ever wanted to play Rummy for real money? I’ve come across many online gaming lobbies in the past, but nothing like Royal Rummy. I must admit that they have one of the best and unique looking designed lobby there is. Rummy Royal offer you the option to chat with other players while playing at the tables. They also have a 200% sign-up bonus of up to $200 on offer. If you invite friends that play for real money, you will receive a special $20 bonus for each player. Rummy Royal value their players and provide a safe and secure playing environment.

Rummy card games consist of 2 to 4 players, so there is plenty of room for social conversations and activities on the off line. Many life-like technical features and designs have been implemented into the Rummy rooms to give players the feeling of being at a real land based casino.

Rummy Royal have 2 types of Rummy tournaments:

  • Multi-Round - Which includes the game of Kaluki, Gin and Rummy. Every table consists of up to 4 players. Once the last round is over, the player with highest amount of points takes the whole pot.

  • Elimination - Which includes the game of Kaluki, Gin and Rummy. the table consists of up to 4 players. You are only allowed a certain amount of accumulated penalty points. Unfortunately players who accumulated this amount of penalty points are eliminated from the tournament. The last player in win the whole pot.

How to Play Rummy:

  1. 1. Each player is dealt 11 cards.

  2. 2. The remaining cards will be placed face down on top of each other.

  3. 3. When playing the first game, choose a player that will begin by turning the first card over. This card may be used by the first player. Whoever wins the round will start the next round.

  4. 4. The first player has the option to either keep the card revealed or he can pick up another card from the face down cards. After having done that he must then open one card and place it face up on the pile of cards already facing up.

  5. 5. Other players will then have the option of picking up the top card from the deck, or pick up the revealed card.

Object of the Game:

Every player must try and create sequences with his or her cards. After having done this, they must declare it and place their cards facing down on the table. If his or her sequences match, at least one must be a running down sequence eg: 5, 4, 3 or king-queen-jack, then this player has won the round.

Hints & Tips to Winning:

Try to get rid of your high cards as quick as possible and keep the low cards because once there is a winner, the points are added up, according to their numerical value.

Have a look around the table to see what cards the other players are picking up. If they take a card you are wanting, get rid of that sequence but be careful when doing this as you know that they want your cards.

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Last Updated 19 April 2016


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