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Time Machine casino slot game is a 20 line and 5 reel online slot which has a time travel theme.
Time Machine offers the player 5 bonus rounds plus wild symbols and 2 bonus scatter symbols which are wormholes and plutonium.
The 1st 4 of the 5 bonus rounds are different eras in time and the player gets to choose 1 of 3 items to add to their score. ( Described in more detail further below )
The 5th bonus round takes place in present day and the player gets to auction off the items they have collected during the other 4 bonus rounds.

The Wormholes and Plutonium Symbols
If the wormhole bonus scatter symbol appears anywhere on the screen it will take you to the next time era and bonus round, but they only appear on the 3 middle reels. The wormhole will only move to the next bonus stage if the plutonium levels are full. In order to fill up these levels the players needs to get at least 3 Plutonium symbols on one spin and once the meter on the left has filled up, then if the player gets the 3 wormholes scatter symbols, they can then travel to the next bonus.
Once a bonus round is finished, the plutonium levels reset back to zero.

Bonus Rounds:
Prehistoric Bonus:
This is set in 180 million BC and the player will be presented with 3 eggs. Choose 1 egg to reveal a value. The player can choose to take the value or reject it and choose another egg. If you reject all the eggs then the last one you choose will automatically give you the value in it.
Roman Chariots Bonus:

This is set in 600BC and the player will be presented with 3 chariots. Choose the one you think will win the race and receive the 1st, 2nd or 3rd prize depending on what position your chariot finishes the race in.
Warship Bonus:
This is set in 1807 and the player will be presented with a series of ships on the screen. You will be given a prize for every ship that you sink
1960’s Band Bonus:
This is set in 1967. The Player clicks the start button to commence the bonus round and a light will move over each band member until it eventually stops on one and awards a value.
Auction Bonus Round:
This is set in the present day and the player will need to select their first item for auction.
The Auctioneer will then auction the item to the crowd and the bidding will stop when  no one else places a bid. The Player will then be credited with the amount of the highest bid.
This will continue until all of your items have been auctioned. the game is completed. Your total winnings will be credited to your account and the game is reset back to the beginning.

Simply Put - Time Machine Slot is highly entertaining and there is never a dull moment with all the different bonus features to play.

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Time Machine Slot Game