Playing online casino games to win casino jackpots is obviously a large part of what attracts players to the casino in the first place. The casinos play up this idea by emphasizing large payouts and even naming their casinos after these potential wins.

In this article we will look at a number of jackpot casino elements that keep players coming back for more such as the jackpot games, the jackpot promotions and the indescribable thrill of walking away with a jackpot of your own.


The jackpot games are also known as the progressive games. The way they work is that when you make a wager on the progressive casino game, a percentage of that wager will go into the progressive jackpot. Most of the online casinos that use the same software are linked, so, for example if you choose to play on the Mega Moolah slots game which is a Microgaming software game, a percentage of your wager will be deposited into a communal pot that is linked to all of the other Microgaming casinos.

In this way the jackpots grow tremendously in a matter of minutes and the prize will almost always exceed a million dollars or more. The prize money will continue to grow until one lucky player hits the jackpot and walks away with a staggering and life-changing sum of money.


Even the casino games that are not progressive will offer you a chance to walk away with some nice payouts as well as a large jackpot. To increase your chance of walking away with a jackpot, I have complied a number of tips for you:

It pays to practice. As well as reading up on the casino games rules, it is also a great idea to practice playing the game as much as you can, most of the online casinos offer the option of playing the casino games in the fun mode – make the most of this.
It is always a good idea to begin your gaming session in a relaxed state of mind. Playing casino games when you are stressed may lead you to making careless mistakes and becoming reckless.  Once you relax and enjoy the games you will have a much better chance at winning.

Online gaming can easily become addictive and out of hand. Before beginning to play set yourself a clear playing budget and under no circumstances waiver from this sum. Gambling is fun but it is also a game of risk and chance, as much as we would all love to win every casino game, it is important to know that very often you will lose money as well as win it.
A good attitude to take when playing at the online casino, is to view the money you spend as an entertainment expense. This way, whether you win or you lose you will enjoy the gaming experience and playing casino games will always be money well spent.


As well as winning on the casino games, another great way to walk away with a substantial jackpot is to join the casino promotions. Every new player at the casino is eligible for a welcome package. These bonuses are often extremely generous and can often be as high as $1,000 in bonus credits.

The casino promotions are run frequently by all of the major online casinos. Many of these promotions offer a huge jackpot as well as many smaller prizes. Examples of a jackpot can be a car, a luxury holiday and a very large cash payout. Every player at the casino is eligible to enter the promotion and this is a great way to get yourself in the running for a very generous windfall.


There are many online casinos that dedicate a section specifically to the casino winners. Some casinos specify the winner’s initials, the game that they won the prize on as well as the amount of money that they won. There are some casinos that even release a full write up about the winners and include a picture and personal details of the casino player.

As well as a healthy amount of envy, the winner section is a great source of inspiration for all players at the online casino. The experience of winning a jackpot casino online is exhilarating and wonderful and can really only be understood by other lucky winners.




Last Updated 23 September 2018
Jackpots at an Online Casino